Life pt.1

It is almost 2:30 here in Canada. I can not believe that i am still awake at this time. I have been cleaning and organizing my room. I realize that i have lacked of organizing my designs, drawing and clothes for this past couple of months. So today i got rid of all the things i don't need. I put all the clean clothes on the hangers and put all the dirty clothes on the basket! haha. I felt like i have accomplished something big in my life haha. I Piled up my drawings into one folder. I found this old Calvin Klein jean jacket. I still like it, so i customized it with studs on the pockets. After that i polished my boots and shoes. I just realized that i have so many black shoes that i own. I rarely have color shoes. Maybe 3 white pair of loafers but thats just it. I found these sandals in H&M. I love them so much. They are so comfortable.


  1. i really love how u customized the jacket..
    & wow, so many cool black shoes!!..
    luv ur drawings btw! :D

  2. love your DIY jacket!