Life pt.2

It has been quite a while since i posted a blog. Sorry about that. I have been busy working and such. Paying my debts is really stressful but once i pay all of it, I won't be thinking about it anymore. Thats what i am doing right now. Work is priority at the moment but other than that. I'm living my life. I am pretty content right now...wait...I just came across my mind and realized that i think i am in a rut. I feel like i have settled for comfort. I don't want to feel that because there such more things to do out there. I haven't designed or made a piece for quite a long time. I love designing and making clothes. I have been sitting at home, working my ass off, partying with friends and thats it. I need something new in life.

This is what i am going to do...From now...on this moment. I'm going to start taking photos again. I love Photography. One of my favorite hobbies. I'm going to start sewing all my designs and make a portfolio for next year when i apply for fashion school in George Brown (Toronto). I'm going to find a better job and pays good money. Visit my old friends and Start of something new. I'm sorry if i am ranting right now. Have you check ZARA's Men fall collection? i love all the clothes. I want to go shopping! but i gotta watch for my expenses since i am a shopaholic. I'd buy anything when i see something i like...but yeah...sorry i am ranting again. I want this new MARC JACOBS cologne for men "BANG" smells so good. My mom was like "ew it smells like black pepper". I was like thats the point. I still love the smell. I will probably get it. I have so much cologne. I just bought this YSL L'Homme. It smells like heaven. I gotta go. Its late. I'm going to bed. Have a great thanksgiving! (Canada).

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