Happy New Years Everyone! I just wanted to thank you all for following this blog. For the past couple of days have been crazy. Christmas was amazing and hopefully this new year will be the best ever or more years to come. I'm going to be posting exciting new blogs this year. Other than that i'm excited  for this new year i will have new resolutions. I haven't been posting new looks on lookbook.nu. So i am going to start again. I miss posting them. I'm going to start designing and building up my portfolio. I'm going to start eating healthy again. No more junk food. One more thing. I'm going to start paying all my credit cards. No more shopping. I didn't mean no more shopping but i will control my shopping habits and just try going to sale racks or vintage shopping. Thats pretty much it! I will keep you posted. Wishing you guys a very best this new year!

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