The Normal Days

This weekend was a lot of fun actually. My friends and i went to a club on Saturday. I haven't seen them for so long now. I had so much fun that night, I met cute boys but i wasn't really interested but there was this one guy but i forgot to ask his number. It was my dumb move. He seemed like he was interested in me but hopefully i meet him again.The day before that i went to visit my friend Nathan & Adrian at their work. I haven't seen Mr.Wu in a long time and i did miss him. If you haven't seen Adrian's work. I was so happy that i got this Burberry messenger bag. I love it so much and i can finally put my laptop in a nicer bag. Thanks to Adrian! Last Sunday was another fun day. I went to a Philippine Basketball Association. I watched some of my friends basketball game, It was nice. My brother made a joke out of it too while we were watching the game. He was like "So many balls bouncing around" and i started laughing so hard cause i know what he meant. My sisters friend was like "oh! i got it now" know what i mean. I'm not a pervert but my mind at that moment was in a gutter. haha.