Little Wing

I pretty much just woke up right now and now listening to Little Wing by Jimi Hendrix, this song has the best guitar intro, one of the best in the history of music. Right now i'm sick and my throat is hurting like hell. I hate being sick because you feel like you don't want to do anything at all except just lie on bed listening to good music or watch Jersey Shore, haha. Last night i went to a house party with my brother and friends. It was a lot fun. I didn't drink that much because i wasn't feeling that great but i still had fun. Drinking really does not help when your sick. My plans for next month is to start my Portfolio for fashion school. I'm obsessed with florals design, flowers, spikes, leather and rock music. So what i'm thinking is, i want to do a collection inspired by flowers, Rihanna and rock music. The Story is about this young rich girl that lives in this big mansion but her parents are so strict that she can't even do anything that she wants. She fell in love with rock music but her parents thinks its garbage. She couldn't even listen or even wear what she want to express her feelings about rock music. One day she stood up for herself and told her parents that she feels trap inside and that she could not handle it anymore. She was this young lost flower and She needed to bloom like the other flowers. She was named The Rebel Flower.


  1. O love that Idea!!! I have been in the same exact mood lately!!! I would love to something like that! haha. I think that's kind of funny how someone has been thinking what I have been thinking, around the same time.

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    interesting blog you have here :)