Reb'l Fleur Pt.One

Lately I have been doing a little project. I have been drawing, writing, and sewing for my portfolio for the fashion school i want to go to. I have been putting a lot of ideas, time and effort on this little black book of mine. It has everything i want to do for the collection. Lots of crazy ideas, patterns, materials, fabrics and such. I don't want to put out too many information but I will show you one dress i have made and i want you to send me some critiques and reviews. I will post blogs about the dresses i made. I want to know what you have to say about them. This collection is inspired by flowers, rock music and lovely Miss Rihanna. Hope you will like it. I would love to call for my designs, The Reb'l Fleur Collection.

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  1. I LOVE THE NAME!!! Seriously - that is the most fantastic name for a collection! I love the outside of the book - it would definitely draw my attention, draw me in - AND to my eye anyway, it goes along with the name of the collection: a rebel is hard edged, maybe glitter and shiny; a fleur is sweet and has a bow. I even admire your handwriting! I think you have a tremendous future ahead of you, my friend! I look forward to seeing where and when this all comes to fruition! (Do you follow Dulce Candy? She's in school for the same. And JLovesMac on YouTube, who is also a blogger - she just started school along the same lines but is more interested in branding.)