Fashionably Late

This past Wednesday was a lot of fun actually. I got to work with my best friend, Sara Eshak. My Future Partner in crime and in the fashion business i must say. She needed someone to shoot for her up coming project for school. I must say that we were Fashionably Late but Luckily her teacher was not upset at all. Her idea was to portray a Fashion Indie Magazine. It's really great. She's an amazing Photographer, Designer and Graphic Designer. I got to see the pictures and i love them. I can not wait to see the the finish product. Even thought it was such a short photo-shoot but we still manage to have fun and actual get the photos how she wanted. Heres some couple photos to show. Check out her flickr page for her art work and don't forget to follow her on blogspot.

These are random webcam pictures we took. We actually made a video, we were dancing like robots. 
I thought it was funny. Gotta love Macbooks. I need to invest one one-day. I still have PC, sadly. 


  1. Getting a Macbook would definitely be an investment considering they cost way more than a PC that's considerably better that the highest tier Macbook. Sorry I'm bitter, I was in the market for a new laptop recently and was shocked at the lame options Mac provided.

    I absolutely love your hair and the photos. SO very cool.

  2. hehe it was really fun, i love how the pictures came out too :)

  3. vonilicious: thanks for the advice, i will keep that in mind. Thank you for the compliments as well :D

  4. Style-Spy-Blogger: thank you so much :D