Vintage Art Book

Monday evening was such a disappointment. People actually don't listen to you at work. As many i have said or told them, they do not listen at all. Sorry, Don't mind me i was just ranting thats all. An hour ago, I was going through my old things and i found my old art books from four or five years ago. I love drawing and i still do sometimes. It makes me relax and my way to escape reality. I got excited to look all the things i drew when i was younger. Here some drawings i really liked. I use Photoshop to make the pictures look vintage-ish.
Coco Chanel, My first Designer love.
My First Attempt drawing Christina Aguilera. Kinda looks like her.
This is just a random drawing. I was thinking about lady gaga, the stars and natural forest.
Lady Gaga
I loved playing kingdom hearts when i was young. This is Sora.
Emo Scene Girl, haha yes i was on that emo scene stage. Don't Laugh.
Suppose to be Cole Mohr.

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