Fail Feeble Attempt

Well today was a bust. I could not sleep at all last night thinking about these shoes. Today my brother and i went to Zara stores near by but they don`t have it. I called every Zara store and they told me that it is sold out. Thanks for telling me! All that hard work of walking around the mall. I must say that i`m pretty tired. I am a little upset. I really want them. It is on sale for $69.00 CAD of course, every guy would want a pair of studded shoes. Hopefully i can find it somewhere online. I would actually pay more than the actual price just to have one. Well that`s it! I just wanted to tell you guys. Wish me luck finding them. If you guys happen to know where i could get a pair or you have them for sale, let me know. I would love to buy if off you! Love Marc.

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