Not Enough

This is one of my latest look on Hype if you like it! Other than that. I have something to tell you! My birthday is coming up soon, in like 22 Days and i am excited and I am in love with these studded shoes from Zara. This pair of shoes kinda does remind me of Christian Louboutins Studded Oxford but i cant afford that. Well maybe soon. Trying to save money for that dream shoes of mine. Well for the mean time i want to find these pair of shoes tomorrow. I am literally going to call every Zara store in Ontario, Canada just to get my feet in this. Hopefully they have it in stock or else it would be a disappointment. My family and i are going to spend the weekend at Niagara Falls for my birthday. I really would like to wear that on my birthday. Well wish me luck tomorrow and i will blog it when i get it! Goodnight Lovelies.


  1. Those shoes are to die for!!!