Back to Black

This last month was indescribably buoyant. I turned 21 this past August. Although i still feel like a kid, i had that terrifying moment where i thought that i am getting older but 21 is just the first chapter in my life. I know where i stand, what i want and who i am. It was very pleasant to spend my birthday and the weekend with family at Niagara Falls. It's been way too long since i have step my foot on that festive place. I do apologize for my lack of presence in this blog. After hearing that horrendous news two months ago about Amy Winehouse. I was pretty devastated. She was an amazing singer and i will continue to love her for what she has brought in the music industry and for just being her.

Other than that. I am just working on my portfolio and upgrading my courses for the college i want to get into. Though its hard because work is pretty much taking for my time and even my social life. I miss posting looks on my lookbook account. I do apologize about that as well. It is difficult to keep up with things while my work is taking over my life. One more thing. I have a new obsession. It is this studded jacket from Virgin Black. I want to invest my money into this jacket. I love it so much. Very rock n' roll but i promise you that i will try my best to keep my presence in this blog. Much love.

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