Impeccable Timing

It is now Thursday. What would make my Thursday perfect? All i need are my Favorite Vogue issue this year, My English homework, My cell phone and of course, to see what i am actually reading and writing is with my Prada glasses. Although i am missing my Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks. I think i'll live, I still have my horrendously awful taste coffee i made. Haha. Just wanted to keep you posted what i am doing right now. I finally got a dress form, that i have been looking for centuries. This is not mine but a friend actually was nice to loan it to me until i get my own. I'm still saving up. Let me tell you that it is not cheap. Dress Forms can get really expensive. Depends what kind you buy. I really want to get a nice one (i prefer an adjustable dress form), Since i am going to a fashion school next year. In fact that i really didn't like using my sister as a guinea pig and She didn't really like when i bother her and all that needles/pins poking through her skin. I do apologize to my lovely sister as you are reading this, I love you. But i am so happy and i can finally start sewing and making cute little dresses again. Other than that. I was featured in this online magazine called Homme-Tech: Fashion for advance man by Zacery Alexander, the amazing editor. That was just lunched this monthI am very thankful for this opportunity for making me the first spread in this amazing online magazine. Don't forget to check it out and read the article about me at  

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