It is now 3.30 am. I can't believe that i'm still awake at this time. I have told myself that i will start going to bed early but i just can't help it. Specially that i'm on this cough medicine called Hydrocodone. It makes me feel really drowsy like i had a shot of tequila but it works really good and very strong side effects. I hate getting sick. Other than that, I want want a new camera. I had my Canon Rebel XS for almost 3 years now. It is not a bad camera but I think it’s time for me to update it. My new obsession is this Canon EOS 5D Mark II. I have heard so much good news about this camera that it makes me want to buy it and use my tuition money or I can just save up, haha. That will take me centuries if that was my only choice. This camera cost like two grand. I think i'm going to start saving up. Wish me luck. I know this is not a fashion related, maybe? kind of? but yeah. Sorry for this rant.

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