These Gray Days

I love Autumn but winter is coming. I have not got a time to go for fall and winter shopping. All these knitted cardigans, blazer and hat are all i really want this year. H&M just launched their winter collection. I must say that i love this purple velvet blazer from H&M. It would be really nice if all were these are in my walk-in closet. I finally got my own domain. Not sure if you have noticed but the link of my website has changed into a .com hosted by godaddy. I really had difficult time choosing the right name for my blog, though all my friends and family always tells me that i am fashionable. My one friend really helped me picking out the name for my blog. He told me to name it Bueno Fashionisto and i really liked it because in Spanish. Bueno means Good and people are always telling me i have a good fashion sense. It all made sense. So i named this blog The Bueno Fashionisto. Hope you all like the new domain link. It is now

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