Coffee Break

New Change and an idea. I just wanted to tell you that i am doing a new section on my blog. I will post cool random photos that were taken by me. Some photos will be feature by others. I will put credits on the bottom right hand side. This section is kinda like telling a story through photos instead of expressing it with words. More like a Photo Dairy but i decided to call it PhotoBlog101. Really excited to do this and im really looking forward to be doing this. I Hope you enjoy it and Let me know what you think?. Another one thing, Since it's almost Christmas. I change the layout color. As you can see. There is a bit of red in it. I just wanted to make my blog a little Christmas feeling into it. Hope you like it, Love Marc.

Some Photos were taken by Sara Eshak and My Self.  


  1. Uau. Really COOL photos. May I borrow some pics for my blog?

  2. hey klemen! for sure you can use them. just leave a credit link. Thanks :D