Happy Holidays

I know this post may be late but i still have Christmas Spirit. Christmas is probably one of my first favorite holidays. It's all about love, sharing, giving and it is the birth of Jesus. I always love giving presents to the people i love. This month is the busiest month ever. Specially when you work at a retail store, you pretty much have to work everyday because people are shopping for Christmas. It was my Sisters sweet sixteen as well. My family and i threw the biggest surprise party. Let me tell you, she was pretty surprised! I loved it. Other than that. My Christmas was the best. I spent it with my family of course. We exchanged gifts and ate a lot actually. If you are a Filipino, you know what i am talking about. Haha. Let me know what you did or you got for Christmas? I would love to hear some stories. Happy Holidays and New Year Everyone! Here are some photos i have taken during Christmas eve. Hope you like them!

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