Happy New Year!

I just want to tell you guys Happy New Year! Finally a new year. This past 2011 was amazing, i would say. Many events happened. Some were down but mostly were ups. I'm going to miss the things i did this past year. A year before 2011 was not good at all, so many things happened to my family and i. There was a lot sadness and grief but we got through them. We got stronger and stronger. This past year was just a begging of a new chapter of my life. I can't believe that it ended so fast. I can't wait for the future, this new 2012. I can't feel it that it is going to be amazing. Other than that. I have new resolutions this new year. I going to try my best to quit this horrible hobby of mine, Smoking. It is hard i must say. Wish me luck and Happy New Year! Let me know what are your New Year Resolutions? Until Next Time Stay Gorgeous! P.S My other resolutions are going to be. Post more looks on LookBook.nu, Post more fashion related on this blog and Start street fashion photography on this blog.

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