Classy But Edgy

I have been making these cute little bow ties and i must say that i'm addicted and can not stop making different ones. This one is one of my favorites. I made this for a friend as a friendship gift and she have always wanted one with spikes. This bow tie is made out of white faux leather. I bought the spikes from Tundra Leather in Downtown, Hamilton. In my opinion these spikes are really good quality but i don't recommend getting this kind of spikes because they are pain when putting them on the fabric. I think these kind of spikes would be better on leather jackets or handbags. You have to use a hammer and i do not like it at all. I recommend getting the spikes that have bendable hooks on the back. They are more easier to put on and really easy to put on shirts, jeans and etc. I found this really cool website. They have tons of studs and spikes you can choose from. I think i'll be online shopping here more often.
1.Bow Tie, Marc Bueno.
2. Leather Jacket, Zara.
3. Denim Shirt, H&M.

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