You Ain't See Nothing Yet

Hey Everyone! Hope you all are having a great long weekend. This weekend is probably the best one yet. It was my brothers birthday weekend. We threw a huge party for him. It was a lot fun and so as everyone did i must say. Other than this weekend, I was so happy when i finally got this Unif Hellraisers in the mail. I was literally screaming when i got it, Even My mom thought i was hurt or something. I am pretty much in love with these shoes. The Quality of these pair of shoes is just superb but what i'm disappointed about is the shipping and the customer service i have experienced. I pre-ordered the shoes on April 1st on dolls kill.
I understand that it was sold out everywhere and i loved how they had the pre-order choice. Dolls kill emailed me last week of April and they said it will be shipped on May 4th. After waiting for days. They emailed me back again saying it was delayed from the manufacture and it will be shipped on May 8th. I was okay with that because shit happens. So They gave me the tracking and told me it was being shipped already. Then again after waiting for six days, I got really worried because i have not received it yet. I paid for 2-3 days shipping service and it is been almost a week not receiving it. I contacted DHL and inquired about my tracking order. They told me that they haven't received it yet and told me that i have to contact the shipper meaning Dolls kill. So I emailed Customer Service on Dolls kill. I was really glad they replied to me asap. They told me it was shipped last week already and said if it was lost or stolen they would send me a new pair and they would email me back but never did.
I started freaking out when they said that because i want the shoes like now now now! and It is so late. They next day i was tracking the order and i noticed that it was moving. I was so happy when it did. After that next day i received it! After all the bull sh*t i went through i just did not care anymore. What matters is that i got the shoes and i am so happy got it before my brothers birthday party. So my conclusion was that doll skill never shipped it out the day they were suppose to. They were just making excuses for being stolen or lost in the mail. If that was not the case they would just email me and tell me that their self. Well i just wanted to share my bad experience. Hopefully it doesn't happen to you if you order these amazing shoes and Hope you all like this look. If you love these shoes, you'll love Unif Clothing.


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  1. loooove your shoes! great pics.