Another Failed and Feeble Attempt

I have Failed and feeble attempt at doing the right thing. I know that i posted something about my credit cards and how i can handle my shopping habit. I gave my name away "Mr. Shopaholic" for good a while ago but for the past couple of weeks i had a relapse. I have been secretly shopping online without telling my family. I told them i'm not going to spend a lot anymore and that i can control my urge to shop. I know i need to do something about it but i just can't help it anymore. Here are couple of things i bought and would like to share it with you. Right now I'm obsessed with Tribal, Floral or Aztec Patterns. So I bought these shirts from ASOS and Topman. I'm not going to put all of the things i bought just incase my mom sees this post. Haha. Hope you like them. These Shirts are perfect for this Summer.

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