Gucci Men's Spring/Summer 2013

I know where i'll be inspired what to wear for the summer now. Take a look at this spring/summer collection. Giannini is by far my longest favorite designer. She has never failed me nor other Fashionistas out there. The way she captures this Mediterranean summer look is just outstanding. One Source says. Spoken by my good friend/cousin Chris Rosario, who has been all around Europe. - "Frida did an amazing job at capturing the essence of an Italian vibe along a Mediterranean coast. If you've been to an Italian city or a city by the Mediterranean Sea, you'll probably see that too. I like how this collection displayed double-fitted blazers, cuffed pants, prints, and tropical pantone colours paired with the obvious classic loafer. This is a men's collection led creatively by a woman who has all the power to merge her personal take with Gucci's heritage." Well said couz! Frida, keep up what you're doing because you're a true visionaire in the fashion world and in Haus of Gucci.
 All photos from Style.


  1. love Gucci, seriously one of my favorite brands.

  2. thanks Hanna!
    :D love your blog!