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Hey Everyone. Sorry that i have been M.I.A for the past couple of days since my birthday post. I have been going to Toronto a lot with my family. Oh how i missed that festive place, the city that never sleep compare to New York. It's like a mini burger only its sweeter. I believe that Toronto has a lot to offer. I been in so many places and i think Toronto is one of the greatest city i ever been. Although i never been to New York but i will never doubt it. 

Last week i went to Dundas Square to be part of Filipino Making Waves Festival. They have it every year. Although i missed last year but I will never ever forget when i performed on that Stage. Yes, I did singing and dance. Well i use to but i gave that up because it's not something that i love, If you put it that way. I did Perform but it was the time when they had it in Ontario Place just across from the CNE. 

If you have not been there you must go there. It is a lot of fun. Back to what i was talking about. Filipinos Making Waves is all about Music, Art and Culture. I was really glad i got to be part of it but that was four years ago. haha. This time, it was nice to see new faces. So many talented singers out there. 

If you want to know more about the festival. Check it out here at I would love to meet you there next year. Hope you like my new post on lookbook. I was quite shy when i was taking photos for look-book on the street because so many people were starring at me. I need to get use to this.

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