Subtle Days

Hey Everyone! just wanted to update. For the past couple of days. I have been having those Subtle days. I'm not really sure if you guys know what i'm talking about but you probably know. It's like you can't really describe what you are feeling right now but you know there is something going on but you just can't describe. Maybe because it is my birthday soon and I'm turning 22 years old. I'm probably overwhelmed the fact that i am getting older. We grow old and die one day but i'm scared to get older. I just want to be young forever. I know that my life is not perfect but i'm content with what i have going on with my life right now. It's just that feeling where you don't want to lose that feeling because you are so happy. It is just very overwhelming that's all. I guess that what we call Life. 
Enough of my rant. I have been making these cute little bow tie now and then. When making these bow ties is like therapeutic. It is very calming as much as making dresses. I know that dress making is very stressful at times, specially building a portfolio for next school year. This is like stress reliever. I have been making these for my friends and family. I think i'll be making more and have my own little bow tie collection business. I'm going to start selling them to make more money and pay for tuition and since i'm moving back to Toronto again. It would really help me pay for things and such. Check out my Official facebook page for my design work and such. It would be really cool if you can like my Official Facebook Page for support on this opportunity and make sure to check out The Bay Observer. My cousin and i was featured on Summer Street Style at the Art Crawl.


  1. This looks great! I think the mix of fabric and studs makes it a really different edgy piece and if I wasn't in the same broke scenario, I would definitely place a order. :)

  2. Hey Marc! It's Dana from work :) Love your blog! You should make bowties like that but on headbands - I think they'd sell! Have you checked out to sell? My friend sells a lot of her clothing she makes on there. :) Good luck and keep us posted!

    1. Hey Dana! thanks so much! I was thinking of making an account! and i will keep the headbands in mind. Thank you for checking my blog! :D

      Love Marc xoxo