Teen Wolf

As you may already know, i slightly have a quite obsession with wolfs. I just don't know what it is about them but i love the big wolf faces on anything. It just makes it look dangerous and tough i think. Although i like other animal faces like the famous Givenchy Rottweiler Shirt. I have always wanted one but this one will do for now. I actually found this shirt on lookbook. Worn by one of the popular guys on lookbook.nu and his name was Vladan G. Go check it out now. I fell in love with it when i saw it on him. I personally thank him a lot for putting the link of the website where he got the shirt because mostly of the lookbookers don't put the links or the name of the brand and that is quite irritating. The quality of the shirt is superb. I definitely recommend you getting this shirt If you have an obsession with wolfs like myself or even if you are an animal lover. You will definitely love this shop at shop.themountain.me

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