Mon Préféré

Hey everyone! hope you all are doing great. This past year was one of the best years i had. Although i didn't do much travelling but i still manage to have fun with my best friends and family. This is year going to be more amazing, Just cross-fingers. My family and i are planning to go away this April/May and i can't tell where we are going yet but it somewhere i have never ever been in a while. I'll keep you posted but here are some of my favorite looks this past year. Visit my lookbook page here at to see more of my looks. Happy new year everyone.


  1. wish I could dress like you, you are amazing xx

  2. you have really a great sense of combining & you looking cool in a lot of different styles man!


    1. Hey man! thanks so much for commenting on my blog :)
      I love your style and looks on and i am now following you on your blog! <3
      keep it up.