Moulin Rouge | Cafe & Boutique

Couple Days ago my friend Sara and i were just strolling around Downtown Hamilton until we discovered this new french cafe and boutique just opened recently. It was actually a funny story. Well not that funny.

My friend, Sara and i were taking some photos outside because we really liked the outside building. Suddenly this man appeared out of no where while we were taking photos and told us to save our camera shots until we get inside the cafe/boutique. We took his advice and i'm really glad that we did. Just going into the cafe, You can feel like you were actually in Paris, France. The setting of the cafe was just outstanding. I really love the brick wall inside the cafe and the chandelier was just the perfect touch. The people were so nice and humble and offered us to have a coffee. So we did, Sara and i sat down for almost half an hour drinking the most delicious coffee ever and chit chat.

After coffee, we went to the boutique. Just right beside the cafe. We didn't have to go outside at all. The next door was actually in the cafe. That's what i really loved about the place. We will definitely come back here again. You need to check out this cafe & boutique if you are in Downtown, Hamilton. If you want to know more about this place. Check out their facebook page for the location address.