Strange Times

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This past weekend was a perfect way to start my spring. My Friends and i went to this beautiful Cottage, which was located in Muskoka. It is in Canada just to let you know. I had an amazing time there with my friends. It was very relaxing and something that i really needed because for the past couple of weeks has been a hectic month for me. So stressed out in school and work. This weekend getaway was just perfect. I wished that we could have stayed more longer. I pretty much miss the place already. The house is gorgeous. Every inch of that house is very vintage or handmade. This cottage house is something i could see in movies. I even thought that it reminded me of The Vampire Diaries. Elena's and Jeremy Gilbert's Lake House.

The Cottage is actually just right beside the lake. I spent pretty much more outside because i wanted to take photos of the Forrest and other things that i think it was pretty cool. So here are some shots i took outside and inside the house. Hope you like it. I wish i could post every photo i took but there was too much, haha. I have more photos i took in the lake house on my Instagram. So check out my instagram at for more details and follow me if you like. Enjoy! and Hope you like the photos.

what i am wearing | bowler hat from virginblak, 
sweater is vintage, pants from zara, shoes from unif.

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