Casual Monday

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My friends and i were going to this festival place in Toronto called CNE yesterday. Apparently it was the last day. Since It was a nice beautiful Monday, we decided to go but when we got there it was already closed. It was a sad moment when we found out from other people but we still manage to find other fun things to do in Toronto. Enough of that little rant. 

This is what i wore that day. I just love the classic denim casual look. So comfortable and yet still stylish. It was a bit windy and cool that day so i wore this Black Beanie i got from eBay. To finish the overall look, i wore this graphic tank top from forever 21 men. Oh this shopper bag is a must have. I actually got this from Adrian Wu when he had a grand opening of his store. You may recognize his work from previous posts i did on his collection. 

what i am wearing | comme des fuckdown beanie, 
trousers from urban outfitters, tote bag by Adrian Wu, 
denim jacket by Levis, tank from forever 21,
shades from Le specs & shoes from vans.