A World Alone

When it comes to fall/winter i tend to shop more often. Recently I have been discovering amazing thrift and vintage stores here in my hometown. Who knew this town could have amazing hidden treasures. I did really underestimated this town. Past couple of months i have been roaming around Hamilton. To see what great i could find in this town but what i have found are the people in it. There are so many amazing talented artists in this town, its like the heart of Art i must say. 

I recently discovered this vintage store called New Old's on James Street N. They have a lot of great pieces. It took me awhile to look around because they have so much selection. When i see something i really like, i have to get it like there is no tomorrow. I got these two pieces, which are the plaid wool button up shirt and a very cool cardigan. I just love the texture and the color on this cardigan. 

Other than my lonely adventures. I have been listening to Lorde non-stop like you have no idea how many times i played her record over and over again. You need to check her out if you haven't! Her voice is just amazing! On the other hand, I have been redecorating my room slowly but surely and making D.I.Y wall arts and such. I wanted to make my room look more alive and make it more ME. The photos below are the few shots i took in my room. Let me know what you think? 

You can check out the stores here at

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