Winter Wish List

I'm all about black shoes when it comes to fall winter season. I don't know why i have this obsession over black shoes but i need to break this habit and come out of my comfort zone. Well for me at least it is very easy to style it with and black shoes can go with anything. I try at least get something not too simple but something that have a statement. Here are some five footwear i am really lusting at the moment. 

1. Alexander Wang - This boots are just simply beautiful. This is one of the military boots inspired and what i really like about it is the texture. It is not just a simple leather or patent however it is crocodile embossed. 

2. The Damned - You can probably get the same exact boots like this at a huge clothing company like Forever 21 but what really caught my eye is the detail on the back of the boots, The Claws.

3. Acne Studios - What i really like about this slip on shoes is that it's very minimalist and well structured. This is not just some ordinary slip on like Vans but it is rather elegant and simple.

4. Ann Demeulemeester - I am a huge Ann Demeulemeester fan and i really love every collection she does for Menswear. This boots are just amazing. It may look like a simple Chelsea boots in the front but the back is what really struck me. This is a remarkable statement i would like to pull off one day.

5. Underground X Boy London - I really appreciate brands collaborating together because each unique ideas -- they could make something wonderful. I really love this boots/creepers. You can see a lot of fashionistas out there wearing this creepers but its not just some regular creepers it is by Boy London as well.

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