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First of all, I did not leave this blog to fade away. I know that i have not posted many looks for the past few months. I blame the weather here in Canada. It would be a nice day and it would be freaking minus 30 degrees the next day. I swear this weather is bi-polar.

You have probably noticed many changes on this blog. I probably changed the theme layout like gazillion times. I am so sorry about that, please bare with me. I thought that i needed a new fresh start and organizing things on this blog, finally. Hopefully you like the new layout i edited. It took me like five hours to edit this layout. I didn't really like the previous design. On the other hand. I will start posting new looks, i promise you that. I feel like the weather is getting better and i am more motivated than before. I just wish it was spring soon. 

So, Here is my first look of the year. Here are some pieces i put together that i really like. I got this jumper sweater during Christmas, it was a gift. This black coat i found when i was cleaning out my walking closet. This wool coat is a gem, i love how minimal it is. I'm going to start wearing this more often.

what i am wearing | beanie from topman, boots from dr.martens,
jumper from forever 21, coat is vintage, pants from zara, shirt from hm


  1. Super cool pics just amazing
    I liked your blog :D

  2. wow i adore this look, following you on lookbook and gfc, lets keep in touch

    eimear :)

    I Should Blog

    1. Thank you so much! I checked your blog! i love your style. Following you now.