Still Sane

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So, i am pretty much excited because i just bought a ticket to a show to see my queen, Lorde. One more week left and i get to finally see her live. I have been a fan since day one. Seriously, i predicted a while ago when she wasn't famous yet, that she will become this huge artist and look at her now. Just so unique and talented. I just love her. Other than my little rant, this is what i wore today. Hope you like it.

what i am wearing | cap from unif, shades from le specs,
denim by levis stratus, kiss band tee, red flannel shirt from unif,
wax pants from zara, boots by dr. martens.


  1. what a great shoot!
    i want to take some photos in the winter season
    but unfortunately, my country doesn't has winter season :(
    I should go overseas then

    Mr. Rebel in Town

    1. thanks Fahad!
      come over here then! i'll show you around here in Canada! :)