Port Stanley

Port Stanley | Birthday Getaway

Last weekend was my 24th Birthday. Man, i am getting old haha. I went to this beautiful small town in Port Stanley located on the north shore of Lake Erie at the mouth of Kettle Creek. Not many great beaches here in Canada but this one for sure is the best one i have been and seen so far. 

I went with my family there to celebrate and get away from the city for a change. We rented a cottage by the beach for four days. It was quite relaxing and loved the soothing sounds of the water. I never really been a party guy, not as much i used to. I'm more you can say, down to earth guy that likes to take a walk on the beach. To be honest i really want to live by the water and be a beach bum forever.

what i am wearing | shades by raybans, snapback by obey, 
shirt from hm, t-shirt from hm and white shoes by converse.

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