An Introduction

Hi everyone! hope you all are having a great week. Since I've changed my blog name, I wanted to do an introduction. I'm Marc Bueno and i am based in Hamilton, Canada. You probably know me from a blog named 'The Bueno Fashionisto' i started back in 2009. I felt for a very long time with that blog name doesn't represent me as a brand anymore. It was time to change it. So it has changed to my actual name. 

I lived in Canada basically my whole life but i was born in the Philippines. I used to live in a beautiful city called Vancouver and i miss it so much. I moved alot here. I lived in Toronto for a little bit and then to Hamilton because it was way more affordable, like living wise. I started blogging right after i graduated from high school back in 2009. I fell in love with a fashion website called when they invited me to join, back then it was only an invite. 

That's where it all began, well for me at least. I've been on and off with the blogging world because i kept comparing my self with other bloggers. This new year i feel more confident in my self and I wanted to start with this new blog. A new year and a new me. I would really love to keep this blog as a part of my life now until i get really old. but honestly, I want to keep inspiring everyone to be themselves and just do you. Thank you for reading and checking out my blog. Hope you continue to follow me. Until next time.

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