New Chapter

Hey Everyone! Hope you all are doing great. I haven't been posting much on this blog for few months now. I thought i should update you guys. So I got accepted to a fashion school here in Toronto. I am on my first year now. School has been really busy with so much Assignments and projects. That's why i haven't been posting much. I do post on my instagram and i will making a new video on my channel soon.

New thing i did this month is that i finally chopped my hair off three weeks ago and donated it to Pantene Locks of Love. I really miss my long hair but it is for a good cause and i wanted a new fresh look for school. Speaking of school. I go to George Brown located in downtown Toronto (The Six). Thank you Drake for representing haha. I have been loving all my classes and can't wait to learn more things about the fashion industry. I think thats all i wanted to say. I will try to post new looks once a week but i can't promise. I really miss blogging so much. Until next time.

what i am wearing | hat from puma, oversized sweater from asos men,
skinny jeans from asos men and converse shoes from east dane.