Men's Wardrobe Essentials You Should Own

Men's Wardrobe Essentials You Should Own

For the past couple of months i have been so busy with school and work. I try to keep up with all my social medias but sometimes its so hard due to so much assignments and work. Surviving my first two months in my first year college was challenging. I commute from my hometown to the city. It takes at least an hour and a half just to get to my school. I rather be doing school work with that travel time. So i plan to move to Toronto for next year. It will help with my time management and i could blog more often. This week was my break so i had a chance to take photos with couple of my friends for our blogs and such.

I live in Canada, where the weather is very unpredictable. It will go to warm to really cold. I try to wear something light and warm pieces to balance it out. Picking out outfits for school sometimes can be challenging too. Sometimes i feel so lazy and i just want to wear something comfortable but i try not to because first impression to me is a huge thing. I like to empress people when i meet them for the first time. Wearing basic/staple pieces like on the photos are a must have. Wearing muted colors like black, grey and tan is a perfect ensemble for a day in school. It is not too bold but still look stylish at the same time. Plus I have been wearing a lot of caps and beanies to hide my hair because sometimes i don't get enough time to do it. So its a perfect way to hide it but still look stylish at the same. Hope you like this look and until next time. Love Marc.

what i am wearing | cap from urban outfitters, grey marled long sleeve 
from forever 21 men, wool overcoat from le chateau, jeans from asos men,
shoes from call it spring and wrist watch from daniel wellington.