a personal style and men's fashion inspiration blog written by marc bueno.

Hi, I'm Marc Bueno from Hamilton/Toronto, Canada. I am a first year fashion student. You probably remember me from my old blog named 'The Bueno Fashionisto'. I started blogging right after Highschool back in 2009. I just recently changed my blog name to my actual name. So basically, I have been blogging for quite sometime now. I was on and off with the blogging world but this time i want to make this a full time and post more content. This new blog is a fresh start for me. A new year and new me. 

I started making YouTube recently this year. I feel like i could connect with you more through videos. I wanted to make videos for a really long time now and here we are. I am so excited to be inspiring you all.

This blog was created to highlight the exciting aspects of mens fashion world and my own personal style. Just another man sharing his world. Thank you for checking out my blog!